Linda Treviño

Linda Treviño (vitae, pdf)
Penn State University

Linda Klebe Treviño is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Chair of the Department of Management and Organization. She has been on the faculty since 1987. She holds a Ph.D. in management from Texas A&M University. Treviño is an Academic Advisor with the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics. Her research and writing on the management of ethical conduct in organizations is widely published and well-known internationally.

She has contributed to knowledge in the areas of: 1) the management of ethical conduct in organizations; 2) the management of organizational climate and culture, and ethical leadership to support and encourage ethical behavior; 3) organizations’ different approaches to ethics management. She co-authored a textbook with Katherine Nelson entitled Managing Business Ethics; Straight Talk About How to Do it Right. The fifth edition will be published in 2010. The book, which is being used to teach undergraduates, MBAs and executives, addresses how people can manage their own ethical conduct and the conduct of their employees in today’s business organizations. Another book, coauthored with Gary Weaver and entitled Managing Ethics in Business Organizations; Social Scientific Perspectives, was published by Stanford University Press in 2003.

Professor Treviño has consulted with for-profit and non-profit organizations and has led research projects for Arthur Andersen’s Ethics and Responsible Business Practices Consulting, and for the Ethics Resource Center Fellows Program. Her current research focuses on ethical leadership, moral awareness, voice, moral disengagement and academic integrity.

Professor Treviño received the Best Paper Award from the prestigious Academy of Management Review in 1993, was the Connelly Visiting Scholar in Business ethics at Georgetown University in 1995. She has received the Best Paper Award twice from the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management and, in 2000, was a finalist for the best paper award from the Academy of Management Journal. She has presented her research findings to business groups including the Conference Board, the Conference Board of Canada, the Ethics Officers Association, the Defense Industry Initiative, the Money Management Institute, and the Office of Government Ethics.