Public Trust in Business

The Institute’s Public Trust in Business Initiative engages leading organizations in developing and implementing long-term strategies to build and sustain public trust in their companies, their industries, and the institutions of business.

The Project on Public Trust in Business (the Project) is a major and ongoing effort—initiated by the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics and the Arthur W. Page Society—to engage leading organizations in developing and implementing a long-term strategy to build public trust in business.

The project was officially launched June of 2009 with the publication of The Dynamics of Public Trust in Business—Emerging Opportunities for Leaders, a report prepared by the two lead organizations.

The report concludes that public distrust in business is negatively affecting companies across industries and indicates that, although trust in business is in crisis, leaders can take concrete actions to build trust.

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public trust in businessThe report was followed by convening a conference of leading academics in the area of trust to help catalyze further research in this pressing area. The conference lead to the publication of the book, Public Trust in Business from Cambridge University Press. Drawing on the expertise of an international array of experts from academic disciplines including business, sociology, political science and philosophy, it explores long-term strategies for building and maintaining public trust in business.
The authors look to new ways of moving forward, by carefully blending the latest academic research with conclusions for future research and practice. They address core drivers of public trust, how to manage it effectively, the consequences of low public trust, and how best to address trust challenges and repair trust when it has been lost. This is a must-read for business practitioners, policy makers and students taking courses in corporate social responsibility or business ethics.