Freeman, Jensen, Khurana, Mintzberg & Other Leading Educators Re-Imagine the MBA

What should an MBA Degree Mean?

Our Academic Director R. Edward Freeman is at Fordham for
the W. Edwards Deming Memorial Conference, MBA Under Siege:
Re-imagining Management Education
along with three other
luminaries in the field Michael Jensen and Rakesh Khurana, both of Harvard Business School, and
Henry Mintzberg of McGill University.

This very timely meeting is being organized by Michael
, an important contributor to our Ruffin Summit on Public Trust in
held at The Darden School of Business in the Fall of 2009.

Here are the three core
messages that Professor Freeman plans to communicate:

(1) We need to see business as embedded in
.  And business schools need to see the disciplines of business
as embedded in society.  As it currently stands, many business schools are
really not about business.  They have replaced “business and judgement”
with a theoretical concern about narrow economic actors and markets. Business is
fundamentally about how  human beings create value for each other, in the
context of society”

(2) We need a new story about business
that puts responsibility, sustainability, and ethics on the same footing
as profits
.  We can only do this if we adopt a stakeholder
approach…that is business just is how we create value for customers, employees,
suppliers, communities, and investors.

(3) We need to open up the creative side of business
by using the creative arts, like music, drama, design, and

Check back for Professor Freeman’s thoughts on the meeting early next